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Tepoztlán Morelos

Explorando la magia de Tepoztlán, Morelos: Un paraíso cultural y natural

Just an hour and a half from Mexico City, is one of the most attractive towns in Morelos:  Tepoztlán , also known as "Tepoz"


Thanks to its history and tradition it is considered a magical town .  

It is famous for the remains of the sacred pyramid built on the top of the Tepozteco mountain, its gastronomy , its museums , its markets and its handicrafts .

But something that makes Tepoztlán very special is undoubtedly its mysticism , its bohemian atmosphere and its impressive views of steep and green hills.

A perfect destination to escape from the city for a weekend with family, friends or a partner.

Being able to tour Tepoztlán walking through its  beautiful cobblestone streets, eat in some of its restaurants or in its street stalls, enjoy a rich snow in the famous "Tepoznieves" visit its market, stroll through its museums among many other things...


1.Ascent to Tepozteco Begin your adventure in Tepoztlán by climbing the imposing Tepozteco hill. After a moderate hike of approximately one hour, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and the pre-Hispanic pyramid at the top. This sacred place, dedicated to the god Tepoztecatl, offers a spiritual experience and a special connection to the ancient history of the region.

2. Visit to Craft Market Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting

the traditional market of Tepoztlán. Here you will find a wide variety of

handmade crafts such as textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and leather goods.

Do not miss the opportunity to try theiciosa local gastronomy,

such as tamales, gorditas, itacates and the famous cecina tacos.

3. Experience in the Former Convent of the Natividad, built in the 16th century, is a historical treasure that you must visit. Admire the impressive Baroque architecture and explore the various rooms that house exhibitions of sacred art and contemporary art.

4. Route of theTepoznieves Refresh your palate with a stop on the famous Ruta de las Tepoznieves. This place is known for its artisan ice creams made with local and exotic ingredients. Taste unique flavors such as mamey, cempasúchil or pulque while you enjoy a walk through the center of town.

5. Traditional celebrations If you visit Tepoztlán in September, you will have the opportunity to witness the celebrations in honor of Tepoztecatl. The town is filled with color and music with parades, traditional dances and fireworks. Join in the joy and energy of this holiday that unites the community and pays tribute to its roots.

Tepoztlán, with its unique mix of history, spirituality

Tepoztlán, with its rich history, deep-rooted spirituality, and natural beauty, offers a unique experience that combines culture, adventure, and connection with nature. Whether you're looking to explore the ancient Tepozteco pyramid, immerse yourself in the local culture, or just kick back and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, this destination has something for everyone. So get ready to discover the magic of Tepoztlán!

6.Discover the tradition of the "Chinelos" One of the most emblematic characteristics of Tepoztlán is the presence of the "Chinelos". These characters, dressed in striking costumes and masks, are part of a festive tradition rooted in local culture. The Chinelos participate in the celebrations and popular dances, infecting everyone present with their energy and joy. If you have the opportunity to witness any of their performances or parades, you will be able to immerse yourself in the festive spirit and the essence of Tepoztlán.

7.Live the emotion of Carnival If you are lucky enough to visit Tepoztlán during the carnival season, you will be immersed in one of the most colorful and lively festivities in the region. Tepoztlán's carnival is a celebration filled with music, dance and parades that attracts people from all over. During this event, the streets are filled with troupes, extravagant costumes and traditional music that creates an atmosphere of contagious joy. Take part in the dances, enjoy the live music and let yourself be carried away by the vibrant energy of this unique festivity.

The Tepoztlán carnival is a special occasion to immerse yourself in the local culture and tradition. You will marvel at the elaborate costumes, striking masks, and lively dances that are an integral part of this celebration. It is an experience that you should not miss if you have the opportunity to visit Tepoztlán during this time of year.

Tepoztlán, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant festivities such as carnival, is a destination that captivates all the senses. Explore the traditions, immerse yourself in the cultural diversity and let yourself be carried away by the magic that surrounds this charming magical town. Get ready to live unforgettable moments at the Tepoztlán carnival!

9.Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Tepoztlán Another unique experience that you can enjoy in Tepoztlán is the celebration of the Day of the Dead. This traditional Mexican holiday honors loved ones who have passed away and is a special time to remember them and celebrate their lives. In Tepoztlán, the Day of the Dead takes on special meaning with rituals, offerings, and activities that reflect the rich culture and spirituality of the place.

During this time, the local cemetery is filled with colorful decorations, cempasúchil flowers and candles that illuminate the path of souls. You can join the locals and visit the cemetery to admire the elaborate offerings and pay homage to the departed. You can also participate in the streets adorned with altars, where you can appreciate the creativity and talent of the local community.

In addition, it is common to find cultural events, such as art exhibitions, concerts and theater performances related to the Day of the Dead. These activities provide the opportunity to further immerse yourself in the rich tradition and essence of this unique celebration.

The Day of the Dead in Tepoztlán is a moving experience that will allow you to connect with Mexican spirituality and tradition. Through the offerings, rituals, and festivities, you will be able to appreciate the importance of honoring and remembering those who have passed. If you have the opportunity to visit Tepoztlán during this time, do not miss the opportunity to participate in this very special celebration.

Tepoztlán invites you to discover the magic of the Day of the Dead, where life and death are intertwined in a tribute full of love and respect to our loved ones.

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